February 13

Pinder and loops groomed and tracked this morning.. No Mockingbird hill still very rough and grass.. 2K and ball field groomed as well. Will roll the mockingbird and the crystal systems

February 12, 2024

6am – Heading out to groom what we can of the Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K. 11:30am UPDATE – The Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K have been groomed this morning including track setting. The Mockingbird hill was not groomed as there is too little snow there. The Red Pine is also being roll-packed today.

February 11

6am – It got a bit colder overnight, trails are a bit less soft. Will be doing some rolling on the Pinder and Kinsmen 2K this morning. Not enough snow to set tracks. 8:30am UPDATE Pinder system and Kinsmen 2k were rolled. The old tracks are still there – not enough snow to cover them over and reset. There are some wet spots still and minimal snow cover. Please ski with caution.

February 10

6am There is nothing to groom. Trails remain closed . Trails are icy and slushy. We need lots of snow and cold temperatures in order to get an 8cm. compacted base. Please stay off the trails. Thankyou.

Ski Trail Closure – February 9

Please stay off the trails during this wet, warm period. It is the best chance of preserving the trails until we can get back into good ski conditions. We will update when the trails are re-opened.

February 9

No grooming today due to the warm temperatures and the overnight rain we received. Enjoy your day!

February 8

6am Renovating skate lanes . 9:00 am UPDATE: Skate lanes renovated. Icy conditions.

February 07

Kinsmen 2k skate lane for racing. Pinder shoveling and skate lanes. Some tracks on pinder have been shoveled over.. Mockingbird hill with open spots same as farmer Bob field

February 6

6am – This morning we’ll be working on the Kinsmen 2K, repairing any thin spots. 8am UPDATE – 2K complete – heading over to the Pinder. 10:30 UPDATE – Filled thin spots on the 2K and Pinder today and went over skate lanes on the full Pinder System. The Mockingbird hill should be avoided due to many bare spots on the trail.