Hiawatha Highlands is pleased to offer trail passes and transportation of photographers and their clients to and from their desired photo location. Designated staff will accompany groups for their photo shoots. The staff member will help skiers safely navigate around the photo shoot. They will also advocate for the photographer and their clients during the entire process including transportation to and from their vehicles. After a scheduled photo shoot, any required grooming or repair of the trails will take place.

Since providing this service will involve approximately 3 hours of paid staff time, specialized equipment and fuel costs, a fee will be charged.

The location fee is a $350 base fee plus $15 per person up to a maximum of $500 at the Cathedral location on the Pinder trail system. Other locations may have increased fees.

Please give 14 days (minimum) in advance of desired session date.

Taxes applicable

For inquiries regarding scheduling and fees for photography sessions please contact the Hiawatha Highlands at 705-256-7258.

Download Photography and Filming Permit Application