January 27

7:30 No grooming today due to warm temperatures. Trails are soft and icy in areas!

January 26

7:30 No grooming today due to warm temperatures.

TRAIL WORK – Starting Jan 25

FYI:  Caution on the trails, our groomers will be working on the Pinder trail and extensions today and the 2 km lit trail tomorrow.  More trail work will continue Monday.  Trail head signage is up for reminders.  Thank you for your understanding!

January 25

6:00 am 0.C. right now. Grooming Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen. 9:00 UPDATE: Pinder system skate lanes groomed. There is ground showing in areas, on all trails!

January 24

Renovated skate lane and tracked some trails. With no new snow over night trails are still looking bumpy and spot of ground are showing.

January 23

6:00 am – Pinder and Kinsmen 2K skate lanes refresh this morning. We anxiously await enough snow on the ground to be able to do more!

January 22

6:00am – Will be freshening up the skate lanes on the Pinder trails and Kinsmen 2K this morning. 9:30am UPDATE – Skate lanes were groomed on the full Pinder system. Additionally the Tracks were reset on the Pinder 4K and Farmer Bob’s. The other extension tracks are still in good shape. The Kinsmen 2K was fully groomed as well.

January 21

5:30am- Heading out to groom the Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K. There was a very light snow fall overnight. About 1 cm of powder. 10:00 am UPDATE – The Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K trails have been groomed. Enjoy your day out on the trails!

January 20

5:15 am Grooming 2k Kinsmen and cut offs first this morning, then on to the Pinder system. 10:00 UPDATE: Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen groomed. Have a good day on the trails.