March 28, 2021

Our groomer was able to roll the 2k and the 4k and it extensions. No tracks.

March 22, 2021

Yesterday was the last day for grooming with the Piston Bully. We will be watching the weather this week and if conditions allow, grooming with the side-by-side might resume this weekend.

March 21,2021

5:30 Renovating skate lanes today on Pinder and Crystal systems. 9:00 UPDATE: Pinder trail system and 5k Crystal trail renovated. Tracks in fair condition. Due to the trail conditions ,today will be the last day for grooming. Have a great day !

March 20, 2021

6AM: Heading out to regroom the Pinder with the big machine! 10AM: Pinder and extensions along with the Kinsmen Lighted have been groomed and are in beautiful shape! That’s all for today.

March 19, 2021

6AM: Heading out to groom the Pinder with extensions. Will be using the big machine to regroom both the skate lanes and the track. 9AM: Pinder system is complete. Tracks have been greatly improved and skate lanes are in excellent shape! Heading to the Kinsmen Lighted next. After the Kinsmen Lighted I will pause and come back when the trails have softened a bit to tackle the skate lanes on the Red Pine and Crystal. 12Noon: Heading out shortly to dress the skate lanes on the Red Pine and Crystal!

March 18, 2021

5:30 Renovating skate lanes today. 7:30 UPDATE: Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen skate lanes renovated. Pinder system in good condition . Heading to Crystal and Red Pine trails. 10:00 UPDATE: Skate lanes renovated on Crystal and Red Pine systems . Hiawatha Extension moved to caution! Have a great day!

March 17, 2021

6:00 am – Heading out to groom Pinder system and Kinsmen 2k this morning 8:30 am update – Pinder system and extensions completed. 9:30 am update – Kinsmen 2k groomed.

Fat Bike Report

Trails are pretty good, pressure down in the afternoon as it gets softer. 5-6psi in the morning, probably 3ish psi in the afternoon.

March 16, 2021

5:30 am – Will be going over the skate lanes again today as needed. 10:00 am update – all done for today. Enjoy your day!