March 31

6:00 am – Grooming Pinder and Kinsmen 2K this morning

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed this morning as of 8am. Firm base, sunshine…what more could you ask for! Have a good one

March 30

6:00 am – Heading out to groom Pinder system, Kinsmen 2K, Red Pine and Crystal system.

March 29

Grooming the Pinder system with the PB this morning 8am Update Pinder system and the 2K piston bully groomed with a little bit of fresh snow on top

March 28

5am Renovating skate lanes on Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen, Pisten Bully groom Red Pine. 10:00 UPDATE: Red Pine, Hatchery, 5k Crystal, and Olympic ext. PB groomed. Have a good day.

March 27

5am Grooming Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen today. 8:20 UPDATE: Pinder and 2k renovated and groomed. Have a good day.

Fat Bike

The fresh snow was a pleasure to work with today. Trail was groomed this morning and is looking fantastic. Hard base with some icy spots so please use caution. If you can I’d highly advise you to ride your bike today. Enjoy

March 26

5:30 am – Grooming Pinder system, Kinsmen 2k, Red Pine and Crystal systems this morning. 9:45 am UPDATE – Pinder, 2K and Red Pine completed. Fat bike trails are currently being groomed and I’ll be heading out to groom the Crystal ski trail when they’re done.

March 25

6:00 am – Grooming Pinder system and Kinsmen 2k as needed.