Open 9-9 Mon to Sat, Sun 9-5

Open 9-9 Mon to Sat, Sun 9-5

Hiawatha's Features

The Hiawatha Experience

Take in the natural beauty or stay warm in the Kinsmen Centre!

Nordic Skiing

Trail systems cater to both the beginner and advanced skier and welcomes clomid all types of Nordic skiing.

Snow School

We offer a cross-country ski and snowshoe instruction and winter adventure to the school boards.

Soo Finnish Nordic
Ski Club

Sault Ste. Marie’s premier cross-country ski club!


Trail Conditions

Trail Length Open Type
Pinder 4 km S/DC
White Pine 2 km S/C
Mockingbird Hill Farm 2 km S/C
Sugar Bush 2 km S/C
Kinsmen Lighted 2 km S/DC
Crystal Creek 5 km S/C
Hiawatha 2.5 km S/C
Inner Loop 2 km S/C
Olympic 2.5 km S/C
Red Pine 5 km S/C
Fish Hatchery Ext. 5 km S/C
Coldwater Creek Ext. 2.5 km S/C
Mabel Lake Ext. to creek crossing

Last track set: March 19

The Mabel is a backcountry trail and is not groomed as often as the regular ski trails.

 9 km B/C
Mabel Lake Ext. complete to lake 14 km B/C
Wishart Park Ext. 1.5 km S/C

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Skate / Double Classic

Skate / Classic

Backcountry Classic




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