Fat or snow bikes are bicycles with distinctive fat tires, making them especially designed for biking in the snow. Currently, fat biking is permitted on the Crystal Creek Ski Trail system including the Mabel Lake extension following the rules listed below.  Enjoy and have fun!

Fat Bike Trails!!

Hiawatha Highlands, in collaboration with the Sault Cycling Club is offering groomed single track fat bike trails.  Hiawatha Highlands has hired to dedicated Fat Bike Groomers this season.  We have also added the Nordic Pulse Fat Bike grooming app for your convenience.

There are currently 9km of groomed single track trails available on the Crystal system, and the start of the single track trails can be accessed off the Hiawatha loop just past the start of the loop (upper entrance). At this point signage to mark the loop is still being made, but should be installed in the next several days. In the meantime, feel free to try it out.

Your ski pass provides automatic access to the fat bike trail, however a bike-only pass may be purchased from Hiawatha Highlands. As per usual practice, bicycles must be equipped with low-pressure fat bike tires, and riders should yield to oncoming skiers at intersections with ski trails. Also, riders should be aware and respectful of groomed ski trail condition and avoid riding on ski trails during soft snow conditions.

Hiawatha Highlands introduced last season the Kinsmen Family Adventure Trail.

The inner loop at the Kinsmen Family Adventure Trail within the Kinsmen 2k lighted trail - approx 3 k

The Crystal snowshoe trail will now be shared use for both snowshoers and fat bikers. - approx 4 k

Please obey posted signs.


$10.50 daily trail pass,

$7.00 evening pass (starts at 5)

$84.00 for season


New this year is Fat Bike Rentals!


Full Day Rent & Pass      $60 + tx

Full Day Rent Only          $50 + tx

2 Hour Rate with Pass (day or evening)    $40 + tx

2 Hour Rent Only (day or evening)           $30  + tx



Click Here to Purchase Passes Only

Nordic Pulse Fat Bike Groomer Tracking


Rules & Guidelines

  1. Ensure Trails are Open
    Check out our Trail Conditions, or call the office at (705) 256-7258.
  2. Do Not Ride if the Trails are Soft
    Even if the trails are open, do not ride if you’re sinking in more than an inch. Use common sense: the goal is to not damage the ski trails.
  3. Have a Valid Trail Pass
    Snow bikers are required to have a valid trail pass. Purchase your pass in person at the Kincentre.
  4. Use a Snow Bike - No Regular Mountain Bikes Allowed
    Tires must be wider than 3.5" and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi to ensure enough flotation to not damage the trails and to provide adequate traction.
  5. Follow Signs & Ride Only in Posted Ski Direction
    Start at the Crystal trail-head (the blue Soo Finnish Nordic building) and follow the signs to the right. If unsure, follow the Vs left by skate skiers.
  6. Ride on the Firmest Part of the Skate Track, Never on The Classic Track
    The goal is not to damage the ski trails. Do not ride if trails are soft and tires leave ruts. Fat biking is not permitted on Hiawatha Highlands snowshoe trails.
  7. Yield to all Other Users
    Be especially careful of crossings. Pay attention to skiers that may come up behind you. Communicate and move to the left to allow them to pass through the middle of the skate lane. Give all skiers a wide berth. Watch for poles too.
  8. Be a Good Trail Citizen & Ambassador for the Sport
    Stay polite and be courteous to all other users. Spread the word about snow biking. Educate other riders, follow the rules (and intent of the rules) and discourage bad behaviour. Make it fun. Keep it safe.
  9. Leave Your Dog at Home
    As with snowshoeing and skiing on these trails, dogs are not allowed on the trails in the winter.
  10. Do Not Walk on the Trails
    If you need to get off your bike, walk on the furthest left of the trail.