Cross Country or Nordic skiing is the main activity at Hiawatha Highlands. Finnish immigrants brought the sport to the area in the mid-twentieth century and has been popular ever since. Today our trails are professionally machined groomed for both classic and skate skiing. Over 50 km of beautiful trail systems have evolved over the years and attract skiers of all ages and abilities from the beginner to the advanced skier.

Come and enjoy with your family and friends or as a way to get away from it all in solitude quiet, among the snow covered towering pines and breath-taking vistas.

A few reminders regarding trail etiquette...


  • Have a valid trail pass
  • Do not skate ski on classic tracks
  • Classic skiers must step out of tracks to middle of trail if climbing or descending hills and unable to stay in tracks - no snowplow or herringbone on classic tracks
  • Follow directional signs
  • If you fall please attempt to roll away from classic tracks towards middle of trails to get up
  • If you are a more experienced skier than the person in front of you please ski around them - give them plenty of room and politely let them know you're going to pass, for example, "Hi!  I'm passing on your right!"  No calling "track" unless it's during a race!
  • If you stop on the trails please move out of the way to the side of the trail.
  • We offer rental skis, boots and poles. If you need your skis waxed depending on the snow conditions, we also offer waxing service by our experienced staff. Check out our rates!

Hiawatha Highlands is now offering Learn to Ski packages.

Ski & Pole Measurement Conversion Chart for renting