February 5

6am – We’ll be heading out onto the Pinder first thing to patch some thin spots in the trail. Kinsmen 2K will be touched up following that. 11:30 am UPDATE – We shoveled snow onto the White Pine and Mockingbird trail today. There are still bare patches on the Mockingbird hill so we suggest turning back before going down the hill.

February 4

6:30am – Kinsmen 2K skate lanes to be renovated. At 8am volunteers will be coming to shovel snow onto the Pinder in areas where the snow base is the thinnest. Please ski with caution while work is being completed. All are welcome to come and help out! Bring your shovel or snow scoop. 8am UPDATE – Went over the skate lanes on the Kinsmen 2K and Farmer Bob’s. The Pinder will have volunteers shoveling snow onto it from 8am to noon. Please ski with caution. There is exposed ground in many areas. 1PM UPDATE – The first and last stretches of the Pinder 4K trail were shovelled this morning and then roll packed to add to the base. Sections of the Farmer Bob trail were also shoveled and packed where the ground was showing through. Have a great day out in the sunshine!

February 3

6am Renovating skate lanes on 2k Kinsmen and Pinder system. 8:40 UPDATE: Skate lanes renovated on 2k Kinsmen and Pinder system. Icy in areas and ground showing in areas especially Mockingbird extension. Have a good day on the trails.

February 2

6am Grooming skate lanes on Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen. 8:00 UPDATE: Pinder system skate lanes renovated. There is a bit more base on the Sugar Bush extension which allowed me to re-track. Conditions are icy so ski with caution ! Heading out to finish the 2k Kinsmen. Have a good day on the trails!

February 1

6 am Grooming Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen. 9:00 UPDATE: Pinder system and 2k Kinsmen skate lanes groomed. Due to warm temperatures improvements are minimal. Have a good day.

January 31

warm temps over night, will do skate lanes on the pinder and roll and track the 2k

January 30

5:45 am – Grooming the Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K. There is a little bit of new snow, and still warm temperatures. 8am UPDATE – There’s about 5cm of new heavy snow that needs to be rolled to keep it in place. Rolling has been completed on the Pinder System and the Kinsmen 2K is next. 12:30 pm UPDATE – Tracks have been set on the full Pinder System and one side on the Kinsmen 2K. 2:30 pm UPDATE – The Red Pine has been rolled today as well.

January 29

6am – Currently minus 1 celcius. I will be heading out to touch up the skate lanes and set track if possible given the current base. Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K. 9am UPDATE – Went over the skate lanes on the Pinder system and Kinsmen 2K. The snow base is very low in spots so tracks cannot be reset without causing more damage to the trail without additional snowfall. Please ski with caution as the trails are marginal in areas.

January 28

Heading out to assess Pinder system trails . The 2k Kinsmen is prepared for a race today. 8:30 UPDATE: Pinder system skate lanes renovated. Base depth 0 – 5 cm. Ski with caution !! Lots of ground showing!