Fat Bike Dec 1, 2023

Continued with packing the Crystal Creek Fat Trail – trail is too soft to ride. Myles To Go green loop is rideable (3 psi) – start this loop in the Kinsmen Park, follow the green flagging and use the red snowshoe trail to access Myles To Go – ride Myles To Go in a counter clockwise direction. Flying Squirrel and the machined built section of Ridge Run have not been packed – not enough snow. The old section of Ridge Run has been packed – looking to use this section of trail until we are able to open up the machined built section.

Fat Bike

Groomers have been out packing the snow, building up off camber lines, filling in gaps and doing general trail prep to get the season started. The snow we’ve received has been great however more is needed to get the trails in shape to open. We will keep you posted with the progress.

FAT BIKE – 03 APR 23

Trails are currently closed due to warm temps and soft conditions. Groomers have been out cleaning up the trails as best as possible and ask that everyone stays off until further notice.

Fat Bike- Closed

Due to the amount of snow we received yesterday it will take some time for the groomers to safely open up the trail system. Thank you for your understanding.

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed this morning as of 8am. Firm base, sunshine…what more could you ask for! Have a good one

Fat Bike

The fresh snow was a pleasure to work with today. Trail was groomed this morning and is looking fantastic. Hard base with some icy spots so please use caution. If you can I’d highly advise you to ride your bike today. Enjoy

Fat Bike

An attempt was made this morning to clean up the trails but it seemed to not make a difference on the hard packed surface. Trails are in good shape. Have a good one


06:00 – Heading out to clean up the trails on the Crystal 08:30 – back in from cleaning up the trails – trails are firming up nicely recommended tire pressure – 4psi cheers

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed as of 7am. A lot of residual snow after having groomed will make for soft conditions. Adjust your tire pressure accordingly. Enjoy