Fat Bike – Trails Closed

Very icy in some sections and bare ground in other areas. Trails remain closed.

Fat Bike-Closed

Due to the very mild temps and rain, especially overnight, the trails will be closed until it gets colder. The trails will be soft and any riding will damage what we have as a base leaving permanent ruts and making them unrideable. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Fat Bike-Connor Rd Start & Finish

9:30 am Trails are in excellent shape this morning. Hard base with some icy spots so ride with caution. Remember that the start & finish will be at Connor Rd for the time being. 5-6 psi is the recommended tire pressure for today. Trails groomed: Sidetrack, Wedding Crasher, Anymel, Flying Squirrel, Yellow Brick Rd, Altar, Sublime, Bermese, Berm Baby Berm, Gun smoke, Root’n, Squishy, Guillotine, Yoda, Hawaii five-O and Flow. It’ll be a good day to ride…Enjoy!

Fat Bike and Ontario Youth Championships at Hiawatha starting Feb 28- March 3

This weekend Hiawatha will be hosting the 2024 Ontario Youth Championship ski race at Kinsmen Park. It’s great to see an event like this coming back to the Soo. We will be closing access to the Fat bike trails and Myles to go trail from Kinsmen Park(main parking lot by the blue building). The main trail that zigzags through the park will not be groomed. Ridge Run, Nemesis and Final Boss will not be groomed as well and will be closed starting tomorrow through to the weekend. We are asking folks to start and end their rides at Connor Rd parking lot or at the end of Case rd. Please ride with caution on Flow, Hawaii Five-0 and Yoda as there is a possibility of two way traffic(riders starting at the end of Case Rd). It is recommended riding the trails above Guillotine to avoid any potential issues. Recommended Route: Starting from Connor Rd….Anymel-Wedding Crasher-Sidetrack-Flying Squirrel-GunSmoke-Berm Baby Berm-Bermies-Altar-Sublime-back to Connor Rd parking lot. Additional routes could include Mabel Flats, Farmer Lake, Swamp Donkey, Trout Lake Rd loop which would make for a solid day out. Once the racing is finished we will be out Sunday afternoon to get things cleaned up and grooming will resume like usual, we will also start preparing for The Beaver Freezer the following weekend. Thank you to everyone for your understanding as this will be temporary.

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed as of 1:30pm today. Base is solid with icy spots throughout the system so use caution when riding. The forecast is looking like mild temps for the next couple of days so consider riding in the morning or the evening when temps are likely lower. Preserve the trail as well by lowering your psi if your tire starts to sink and create ruts or consider riding at a different time when the temperature lowers. The recommended tire pressure for today is 4 psi. Enjoy your ride

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed as of 7:15am. Surface is hard packed and solid. 4 psi is the recommended tire pressure for the morning however as the temperature rises this afternoon use good judgement and lower the psi according to changing conditions. A big thank you goes out to Dusty for helping us out on skillfully sculpting Final Boss and especially Nemesis (think Luge track). Have a great ride.

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed this evening as of 6:30pm. The conditions are still a bit soft but should set up with the overnight cold this evening making the trails solid by morning. Most of the residual snow left over from this morning was cleaned up with the second groom of the day. Enjoy your ride

Fat Bike- Big Snow

Finished grooming the trails at 8:30am. The trails have been groomed however there is still a lot of residual snow that fell back onto the trail even after 2 passes and is not very rideable as of yet. The snow continues to fall and is predicted to last until late this evening. More snow clearing will be required to get the trails in shape. Thank you for your patience

Fat Bike

Trails were groomed again as of 9am. Approx 5 cm more of snow overnight is adding to the base. This new snow accumulation has been covering up more rocks and logs that were previously noticeable making the trails smoother to ride however they are still a bit soft and require that the rider adjust tire pressure according to the conditions so as not to create ruts or damage the trail. Recommended 3-4psi. More snow is in the forecast. Have a good one