10 JAN 24

out on the trails for 05:00 this morning – 5 inches of fresh snow was able to complete a full groom of the Crystal Creek Fat Bike Trail and Myles to Go Trail is soft in spots and icy in others (Alter and Nemesis are icy) USE CAUTION WHEN EXITING NEMESIS Trails are rideable – adjust tire pressure accordingly – watch out for rocks, roots, and logs Enjoy the ride Cheers

Fat Bike- Myles to Go(2km)…Open

The Myles to Go trail has been groomed and is OPEN. There is not much snow but we’ll remain hopeful that more will come this week. Enjoy

Fat Bike-Trails Closed

The mild weather and lack of snow has made it difficult to groom and maintain the trails. Until we get more snow the trails will remain closed. Please remember that when the trails open and become ridable a bike with at least 3.8 inch tires is required. Thank you for your patience

14 DEC 23

Crystal Creek Fat Bike Trail received its first full groom of the season – trail is still closed as the base is still soft Myles To Go Beginner’s trail received a groom today as well – the base is firm but soft in spots and is OPEN – please air down if needed (we recommend pairing this with the SCC’s groomed trail on the Red Pine, as it makes for a fun way to warm up) Reminder – please stay off the trails off during warm temps – best time to ride evenings and mornings Cheers

Fat Bike

The Beginner 2km has been groomed as of 11:30am. 3-4 PSI as the trail is a bit soft. Enjoy

Fat Bike- Trail Closed

Due to the mild temps the 2km Beginner trail is closed. Ground exposure is evident in spots making it difficult to groom. Hopefully we’ll have snow in the forecast soon.

Fat Bike

Heavy wet snow making it difficult to groom. The Beginner 2km will be closed until temperature cools.

Fat Bike

Beginner trail groomed as of 2:00pm. Hard packed surface will make for a great ride. 5 psi recommended tire pressure. Have a good one

Fat Bike

The 2km is in great condition has been groomed as of 4:30pm. If you’re in the mood for a few hot laps…