Ski _&_ Trail Conditions

Ski & Trail Conditions


Date Time Air Temperature
Jan 19, 2019  9:00 am -26 C or -14 F

Note: We are typically 1-3 degrees lower than the Sault here at Hiawatha.

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Trail Camera

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Trail Conditions

Trails Length Open Type
Pinder 4 km S/DC
White Pine 2 km S/C
Mockingbird Hill Farm 2 km S/C
Sugar Bush 2 km S/C
Kinsmen Lighted 2 km S/DC
Crystal Creek 5 km S/C
Hiawatha 2.5 km S/C
Inner Loop 2 km S/C
Olympic 2.5 km S/C
Red Pine 5 km S/C
Fish Hatchery Ext. 5 km S/C
Coldwater Creek Ext. 2.5 km S/C
Mabel Lake Ext. to Creek crossing

The Mabel is a backcountry trail and is not groomed as often as the regular trails.

 9 km B/C
Mabel Lake Ext. complete to lake 14 km B/C
Wishart Park Ext. 1.5 km S/C


Skate / Double Classic

Skate / Classic

Backcountry Classic





SWIX Wax Temperature Chart

Wax Colour Temp ° C Temp ° F
Polar (NEW) -12/-25 10/-13
Polar (OLD) -15/-30 5/-22
Green (NEW) -8/-15 17/5
Green (OLD) -10/-18 14/-0
Blue (NEW) -6/-9 21/15
Blue (OLD) -9/-12 15/10
Blue Extra (NEW) -1/-7 30/19
Blue Extra (OLD) -3/-10 26/14
Red Silver (NEW) 3/0 37/30
Red Silver (OLD) 1/-1 33/30
Klister +10/-3 50/26


24 Hrs

Base Depth
 4 cm 25 cm  152 cm

Hiawatha Grooming Report

January 19 2019

Trails are all regroomed this morning with rock hard conditions for those who brave the chill!! Presently minus 26 and hopefully stays calm wih no wind ..

January 18, 2019

Today’s grooming started very early this morning.  All systems were completed by 4 or 5 am.  Snow accumulation began there after.  Groomer was able to get a regroom on the Pinder system before the trail traffic started so it may be soft.  Accumulation is approximately 2-3 inches.

January 17, 2019

Looked like the cold kept most of you inside yesterday there didn’t seem to be much travel on the trails. Full groom on Pinder system as well as the Kinsmen 2k for another very cold January morning!

January 16, 2019

Had a chance to groom the Crystal system, Pinder system and Kinsmen 2k with park trails so far this morning. -16C currently but the windchill is making it feel MUCH colder so dress warm! Heading over to the Red pine system to wrap up grooming for the day.

January 15, 2019

Fresh groom this morning on the Pinder system and the Kinsmen 2k.

January 14, 2019

Full groom on Pinder system this morning as well as the Kinsmen 2k trail. Heading over to the Red Pine system now to wrap up the grooming for today.