Grooming Report

Grooming Report

February 12, 2019

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Twigs and pine needles all over some sections and the wind is picking up already this morning so please keep your eye on the weather!!

Sort of mismatched grooming out there today after some more equipment difficulties, here is what has been done:

Kinsmen 2k- skate lane with ginzu

Pinder 4k- skate lane with PB and tracks set with ginzu

White Pine 2k- skate lane with ginzu and no new track

Mockingbird 2k- out to and including the field has yesterdays track and skate lane done by ginzu, the remaining skate lane was done with the PB and track set with ginzu

Sugar Bush- skate and track done with PB, did not notice track setter lifting until after this trail however there could still be the odd missing track section so be on the lookout!

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