Month February 2018

Month February 2018

February 27, 2018

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

The Pinder system was regroomed this morning 7:30 this monrnig  Temp now -4c  The Kinsmen system was regroomed last evening. All other systems are in great shape since yesterdays groom.  Enjoy the day everyone!!

February 26, 2018

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

7:00 am – 2K and Pinder systems are groomed. Now heading into the Red Pine.

9:00 am – Red Pine System is groomed. Heading into the Crystal

11:00 am – Crystal System is complete!

February 25

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Presently weather 0 C with accumulations of very wet snow. It was rain changing to snow at 4.00 am. Grooming started on the 2km loops first this morning. Groomed up the Pinder system complete and the Crystal 5 only that is all that will be completed until cooler temps return as of 9.oo am. Mabel lake trail is presently being worked on for the tour today and will be skiable.

February 24 2018

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Wet snow from yesterday is grooming up well this morning with Pinder and Jackrabbit areas all complete as of 6.00 am . presently heading into Crystal system.Crystal Ststem completed at 8:30 with Red Pine completed at 10:15 and Mabel lake completed at 12;30 pm. All trails in great shape !!

Owl Warning !


Yesterday, February 22, at 9:30pm, a skier was attacked by the Barred Owl on the 2k trail, more or less across the road from Farmer Bob. Please refrain from hats with pom poms or tassels and ponytails. The winging action of these items is a huge attractant to the owl.

February 23, 2018

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Mild this morning with a high of -3 C as of 7: 30 am Pinder system has been complete moving on to the 2k areas next. Starting to snow fairly steady at the present time.

9am – 2K and Pinder system are groomed, other trails are in great condition. There will be snow accumulation during the day … Enjoy !

February 22, 2018

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

9:00 am –  Pinder System and 2k have been completed this morning, Red Pine is in great shape.

10:20 am – Crystal 5 has been freshened, the other extension are in great shape!