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Dec. 11, 8:35

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

15 to 20 cm of snow fall, WOW!!  Will take some time to get the trails back in shape!! We will be starting on them shortly. will keep progress updated as we opon each system  .

December 9 2013

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

New snow a blessing for the Red Pine and Crystal trails !!

We were able to set track on all Red Pine trails and Crystal with the exception of the Hiawatha extension. All skate lanes have been roll packed only!! Next on the trail check list for perfection is grading which will take out the bumps..We should be able to start that work with tomorrows grooming.

December 9 2013

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Nice snowfall overnight  allowing groomers to set nice clean tracks and used the “Ginzu groomer to clean up and tighten skate lanes!!

Pinder system and Kinsmen 2k are in very good shape !

We will attemp to set track in the Red Pine system this morning..We will keep the information updated this afternoon.





December 5 2013


Sad day!! Rain overnight has softened trails to the point we must temporarily hold off traffic to avoid frozen tracks that will cause skiers and groomers problems.

Hope winter like weather retuns quickly to allow us back on trails.