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December 5 2013


Sad day!! Rain overnight has softened trails to the point we must temporarily hold off traffic to avoid frozen tracks that will cause skiers and groomers problems.

Hope winter like weather retuns quickly to allow us back on trails.

December 4 2013

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

New snow overnight allowing groomers to freshen up  the Kinsmen 2km and Pinder System complete .

Nice skiing conditions this morning with good temps. and a  new blanket of powder!!

Lights on the Kinsmen 2k are being repaired today and will be set from dusk till 10 pm every night!

December 3 2013

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Well no new snow to report this morning but trails remain skiable on the Pinder System and the Kinsmen 2k.

Not enough snow to make any serious improvements to trail conditions. We are working on signage and installing web cams and temperature probes for our website!!

We are ready for snow!!

November 28, 2013

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Skiing has returned !

Trails on the Pinder System have had track set on Tuesday with decent early trail conditions .

The Kinsmen lighted 2k trail has also been groomed with a track set but is quite thin through the Pine areas.

We will be rolling the rest of the trails this morning to firm them up for new snow;