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March 17, 2017


Lighted 2km trail system and Pinder System groomed this morning.  Come and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with a ski:)

March 16, 2017

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Except the Crystal system, all our trails were groomed yesterday and are still in great shape. As for the Crystal, it is still closed due to some ice built up that happened after some flooding. Our groomers will keep a close eye on the situation and reopen the trails as soon as possible.

March 14, 2017


Crystal and Mabel is closed due to flooding. Otherwise, all the trails were groomed  this morning and are in great condition. Enjoy !!!

March 13, 2017

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

2km lighted trails and Pinder System complete.  Be cautious on the Crystal, it is very icy after the bridge.

Crystal was groomed and completely renovated, finishing at 7:30pm for it to set up for the rest of the night.  Sweet :)

March 12 2017

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

Trails will not be groomed today. They are still in good shape from yesterdays complete grooming. Temperatures are currently -17 degrees Celsius or 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

March 11 2017

Three Men and a Groomer Ski Reports

As of 9:00 am the Pinder, 2 Km lighted, and Crystal system have all been groomed and are in fresh shape with 6-8 cm of fresh snow on the ground. Currently temperatures are at -14 degrees Celsius, and 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Get out an enjoy the last weeks of winter! Amazing spring conditions. As of 10:30 am the Red Pine system was groomed, completing all grooming for the day. Temperatures have risen to -12 degrees Celsius, as of 10:45 am.